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Radix 2024 Dates for group work and workshops in Cornwall



In my experience the most interesting process of personal growth is with long term, seen in small groups and individually, over a long enough period of time to produce profound changes in being. I invite you with these dates throughout the year to make a continued commitment to yourself, to invest in and grow curious about what the things are that make you the way you are, what parts are life giving and what parts are life limiting,what holds us back, in, up, what moves us away from our experience, our embodiment, our ability to be responsive.

There is a commitment to regular individual sessions if you are joining regular groups and workshops, but there is also opportunity to come and try and experience what it is like by attending a group and or workshop.

All groups and workshops have a maximum of 6 participants, so booking in advance is essential.

It is often worth contacting even last minute to see if there is space.


07717 790944

Group and workshops are held at Roselidden

Roselidden Farm, Helston, TR13 0PT


Sunday February 25th 10am-12.30pm £55

Sunday March 24th 10am-4.30pm £110

Sunday April 21st 10am-12.30pm £55

Sunday May 19th 10am-4.30pm £110

Sunday June 23rd 10am-12.30pm £55

July no group or workshops

August no groups or workshops

Sunday September 22nd 10am-12.30pm £55

Sunday October 20th 10am-4.30pm £110

Sunday November 24th 10am-12.30pm £55

Sunday December 15th 10am-4.30pm £110

If the group is running at capacity with 6 participants the price can be dropped to £45 and £95

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