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Supervision, Mentoring & Facilitation


I offer 1-1 supervision to support people who are in healing/caring professions.

As well as 1-1, I offer supervision for people who run groups in a healing/caring capacity, and or are holding space and processing sensitive felt material, by themselves or with other facilitators in co-facilitated setups.

I offer supervision together and or separately.

I offer myself as a facilitator to help in facilitaing groups who are wanting to process and work through sensitive material, an ending, beginning, transition or perhaps conflict, and who have a willingness to engage.

I offer supervision/enquiry groups to practitioners from a range of different modalities, bringing opportunity for collaborative learning and co-creating space to explore what it is to be a practitioner/therapist/human.


You may be just setting up, newly qualified, unqualified a member of or no member of, or well established and our engagement together may be possible short or longterm. I work in person and online, in indoor and outdoor settings and can be flexible with how we work.

I am best suited to those who have an interest in their own personal growth work. No prior body work experience is needed to embark on supervision with me, but there must be an openness to working with the body.


Within supervision I endeavour to offer, a space to reflect and bring awareness to, awareness to the body, your feelings, emotions, sensations, rhythms, your own embodied experiences.


Supervision with me looks to increase trust in your own body process, your own increased knowing of who you are, what your gifts are, and how to authentically bring your heart and work into alignment. You are placed at the center of your supervision, I encourage sustainability and accountability and look at what is alive with you, growing capacity for and awareness around, and feel into ways that may allow for more conscious choice that allows for more flow and connection in your life.


My supervision supports embodied practise and has enough questioning to be usefully challenging as we reflect together on the work, growth, and personal development as a practitioner/supervisor/facilitator and as a human being. Part of reflective practise is to ensure safe competence that comes from bringing increased awareness to what is not at first obvious or apparent. I come from a background of Chinese medicine, Taoism. I offer supervision that allows for exploration, curiosity and grows being increasingly able to be with the uncomfortable and the not knowing as well as the increased knowing.

I hope the style of supervision I offer you will increase your capacity to be robust, to resource, to be agile, to be present and will soften rigidity, which in turn will allow for increased choice and flow of aliveness within you and out into your lives. My approach seeks to encourage a space that allows you to bring the whole of you, the things that come to you easily and also your areas of vulnerability, I am interested in finding out about you, supporting you and providing opportunity for reflection and growth, encouraging you throughout to find and develop yourself and to bring you in to the moment. It is an opportunity with our sessions to feel supported, to have a companion that is listening and able to walk beside you as you navigate with conscious choice your path that supports your own nature.

Practitioner burnout is high within many healing modalities, we process/hold/experience huge amounts of highly charged emotional material that affects our very organs and bones, we are stretched and moved by the people we see, we are touched and are changed by our experience within our meetings. Many professions do not have in place within their professional training an emphasis on the importance of ongoing supervision and support.

The supervision I offer is influenced by, Process work, Gestalt, Hakomi, Radix, embodied relational therapy, Wilhelm Reich work on character structure, Eco psychotherapy, Taoism and Chinese medicine, it brings with it my experiences of being at births and deaths. I seek to be current in my work, to be trauma informed to bring awareness to power and privilege, to be inclusive of diversity and difference, to include social justice and be mindful and embodied in where there is inequality, and oppressive factors that might be at play.


I have 20 years of Chinese medicine experience and have worked in a variety of practise settings, with experience of having apprentices, supervisees, mentees, and tutees. I have been a senior lecturer and tutor and have been a supervisor in the final year of the student clinic. I have worked in a busy private practise and have 17 years clinical experience practising in Kent and now Cornwall. I have run groups and workshops and have been providing supervision and mentoring throughout that time. Ten years ago I began working more directly with embodied and feeling work practice, and with my own embodiment and capacity of being with what it is to be human, to be able to be with all feeling and therefore more experiences, I began working with people who were dying and continued my work to support conscious birth and began to look at how groups worked energetically, and how processes unfolded. Becoming a mother of three, and my father dying have been pivitoal in my own embodied experience and distilling of what it is are my offerings in this world and what my aliveness is to follow and unfold into. I am passionate about people, I deeply care about others and I enjoy working with awareness and presentness and depth of being.

I offer regular body psychotherapy work and run Radix individual and group work as well as workshops and weekend intensives.

My Supervision is encouraged from a place of self-contact, knowing how to centre, ground, charge, contain, discharge, be in contact and present with, moving closer to and away from, feeling the shape and textures of,  in the body, in processes unfolding, in body wisdom.


Please feel you can contact and discuss what it is you are seeking in relation to the information above. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mobile:077177 90944

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