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Presence, contact and pulsation


This is a one -day workshop exploring presence, contact and pulsation from a Radix framework and will be experiential, with a combination of groupwork, pair work, sharing and listening, bodywork, feeling work, breath work and movement, promoting self-contact, and self-expression.

The workshop runs throughout the year regularly and is run when six people are interested.

Tessa has 20 years’ experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a somatic bodyworker and is coming to the end of her Radix training in feeling and purpose, body psychotherapy, personal growth work. She is one of 6 trained in this way in the UK. She is experienced in holding groups that focus on feeling, embodiment, and aliveness of the human being.

In this one-day workshop we will be exploring what contact, pulsation and presence are within a Radix framework, and the emphasis placed on the functioning on the ocular/eyes segment of the body.

Radix is an educational personal growth process, both individually and group orientated, that frees the capacity for feeling and aliveness. It is particularly useful in freeing emotional blocks. Like many therapies the main goal of Radix is to help the person become fully in contact with themselves and in contact with others and the world around them, and to have choice of experiencing their feeling and aliveness. We help by bringing conscious chronic tensions and of their pulsatory habits that inhibit their contact with themselves or their self-expression in the world. We work with pulsation, which is the rhythmic contraction and expansion of all living things, we observe pulsations of breath, movement, contact and emotion, in doing this we notice that people develop particular pulsating patterns that limit the full expression of their life force. Pulsation has two aspects the instroke, the charging, going inside and connecting with self and the outstroke, going outside, and connecting with the outside world.

This is an experiential workshop offered to both health professionals, as well as those who work with people to promote personal growth or can be taken as part of personal professional development. The workshop will incorporate core principles of Radix in both understanding of and experience of embodiment to look at ways of becoming more present, in contact and alive to the moment.

The workshop will look at the ability to identify internal body signals and recognise our desire to be in contact or our inability and uncomfortableness to be in contact and present and alive to the moment, with ourselves or and to another. We will explore what being in contact means for us, are we able to be in contact and present with ourselves at the same time as being in contact with another, in feeling, thinking and action.

I am looking forward to sharing this day with you. Please feel you can contact me to enquire when the next workshop will take place and to  book a place or and to ask any questions that might facilitate your decision to participate.

I run a few 1-day workshops throughout the year, look at different aspects of being an embodied feeling human being, the others offered on my website that might be of interest.

As well as these one-day workshops, I offer more intensive personal growth work opportunities once or twice a year. A new group is forming, please contact me if you are interested.


With warmth Tessa

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