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This is a one -day workshop exploring grounding and will be largely experiential, with a combination of groupwork, pair work, sharing and listening, bodywork, feeling work, breath work and movement, promoting self-contact, and self-expression.

The workshop runs throughout the year regularly and is run when I have six people interested.

Tessa has 20 years’ experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a somatic bodyworker and is coming to the end of her Radix training in feeling and purpose, body psychotherapy, personal growth work. She is one of 5 trained in this way in the UK. She is experienced in holding groups that focus on feeling, embodiment, and aliveness of the human being. Her training in both Ert and Radix with their framework rooted in characterology and how character is formed by developmental trauma, looking at attachment theory and contact interruptions, grounding is seen as something that is developmental and done in different ways at different stages. Grounding is a relative state, we are more or less grounded at any one time, it is not fixed, is constantly moving depending on how safe and resourced we feel in any one moment. Like embodiment, we all have a body, but to be present, feeling, and aware of how we are moment by moment and what our relating to another or our environment, is a constant working of being more or less embodied. Grounding is part of being more one minute, less another minute grounded and embodied. We can’t be grounded if we are not embodied, and we can be grounded and ungrounded in fleeting amounts of time and vice versa.

Grounding is the foundation of presence and the antidote to anxiety. How do we ground, what does it feel like? what does it change and enable? How does grounding affect our ability to be in contact or be out of contact? How does grounding affect our ability to feel or not to feel? These are some of the things we will explore.

Radix theory understands grounding as the basis of being able to feel safely embodied, have clarity of thought, being able to be alive and present in the moment. An ungroundedness results in anxiety, depression, apathy, numbness, boredom, disassociation.

This workshop will be theoretical and experiential. Giving you ways of understanding your own and others grounding and understanding the importance of our own and others in relationship.

Radix is a body centred approach and unlike other psychotherapies that are somatically informed, Radix psychotherapy has the body as the central focus with the emphasis on the somatic unfolding. Radix is a process orientated body centred therapy.

This workshop is for all those interested in learning about themselves and their own grounding and offers ways that you can incorporate grounding as an embodied concept for others and into any discipline you practice. How can grounding for us as human being, partners, parents, friends, practitioners, therapists, facilitators help our practice and give aliveness to our lives, for ourselves and others in our care?

I run a few different 1-day workshops throughout the year, look at different aspects of being an embodied feeling human being, you can find the others offered on my website.

As well as these one-day workshops, I offer more intensive personal growth work opportunities once or twice a year. A new group is forming, please contact me if you are interested.

I am looking forward to sharing this day with you. Please feel you can contact me to book a place or and to ask any questions that might facilitate your decision to participate.


With warmth Tessa

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