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Boundaries and Support

This is a one -day workshop exploring boundaries and support and will be largely experiential, with a combination of groupwork, pair work, sharing and listening, bodywork, feeling work, breath work and movement, promoting self-contact, and self-expression.

The workshop runs throughout the year regularly and is run when I have six people interested.

Tessa has 20 years’ experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a somatic bodyworker and is coming to the end of her Radix training in feeling and purpose, body psychotherapy, personal growth work. She is one of 5 trained in this way in the UK. She is experienced in holding groups that focus on feeling, embodiment, and aliveness of the human being.

Within this one-day workshop we will explore boundaries and embodiment. Looking at boundaries as an energetic as well as a physical boundary. We will explore the skin, the energetic borders of what is you and what is another. We will work from a Radix perspective looking at the development and formation of creating a boundary and the energy that is needed to both form a boundary and to maintain a boundary. We will explore where in your body you feel your boundary is. What are the indications that your boundary has been invaded, that something isn’t okay in your body, and how do we check out whether it is true now or gave you warning in the past. Within this workshop we will explore your awareness around your energetic and physical boundary, we will look at it from pulsation, and body tracking and awareness, how do I know when I am uncomfortable or comfortable, what are the bodily sensations that I feel that indicate this to me. We will look at whether your boundaries are fixed in a position, are not there, how permeable and moving are they? We will explore congruences within our bodies, what are our bodies communicating? Do we have the use of boundaries in different channels whether there are different channels our voices, our energetic presence.

We explore what a healthy boundary is?

Can our bodies say No energetically? Can are bodies say yes energetically. Can this be changed, what can change it?

We will also be exploring Support in embodiment, what does it look like for you to be supported, to feel supported, what happens in your body to allow for support? How familiar is support to you? How can we support others? Why is support useful? Is support the same for everyone?

This workshop is for all those interested in learning about themselves and their own embodied boundaries and offers ways that you can become safer, more aware of other boundaries, your own boundaries and increase the safety and ethicalness of your practice and lived life.  How can being aware of our embodied boundaries and embodied support for ourselves as practitioners, therapists, facilitators, partners, parents, friends, and human beings, help our practice, for ourselves and others in our care.

I run a few different 1-day workshops throughout the year, look at different aspects of being an embodied feeling human being, you can find the others offered on my website.

As well as these one-day workshops, I offer more intensive personal growth work opportunities once or twice a year. A new group is forming, please contact me if you are interested.

I am looking forward to sharing this day with you. Please feel you can contact me to book a place or and to ask any questions that might facilitate your decision to participate.


With warmth Tessa

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